Review: Tara's Revenge

Tara's Revenge (Cattleman's Club, #9)Tara's Revenge by Jenny Penn

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Predictable, slow plot movement and forgettable males. Tara is finally rid of her loser husband. As the niece of Pittsview's mayor, Tara is a bit untouchable. No one wants to mess with her because her uncle will come down on them. Her uncle is a horrible hypocrite and this story only gives too many examples of his worthlessness.

After a delicious tale with Kristen, I had hoped this one would move the plot along to find out who killed Gwen. I'm not sure how many more viewpoints from different women getting hooked up to slutty men we need. I understand it's a writing device to reveal a few clues in each book to build to a grand finale. I just wish it didn't take so many books. If this is all resolved in the next book, it will feel complete rushed because to date, Gwen's murder case is so trampled on it would be a miracle if anyone can put it together.

This romance follows the same line as the past six books. Girl meets guy. Guy's BFF likes to share their lover. Guy and BFF want to get down and dirty with girl. Girl hears rumours about the Cattleman Club and gets to experience it at the men's invitation. Through some magical pussy, the men no longer want any other women and decide she's the one. For those who like this formulaic ménage relationship, it will work well. The kinky parts are becoming a bit staid. The men are becoming more forgettable because there is little to distinguish them as individuals. Then again, the focus is on the females who are more memorable because most of they are crazy. Fortunately, Tara isn't that bad. She's the one who is level headed and her family is trying to declare her as incompetent. The conflict between Tara and her family is more interesting than her developing lust fest with Travis and Bryant. More focus on her family and how she beats them would have made the book better for me.

This erotic romance is recommended for those hooked on this series and invested in finding out who killed Gwen.

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