Review: Bash Volume III

Bash, Volume III

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Bash, Volume III by Candace Blevins

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Holy orgasm denial, Batman! Bash turns up the kink in this one with spankings on two very sensitive holes. This third book picks up right after the second. Thankfully the wait for me was minimal. This final book brings a satisfying conclusion to Bash and Angel's relationship. Of course, nothing is ever easy. First, Angel needs to be rescued. Next, nightmares from being helpless needs to be battled. Stupid male egos need to be soothed and then put into place. (Daddy is the best!) Then there is the issue of magics gone wild. Last but not least, there is a binding and wedding to make happen!

The pace of this story is nice and steady. There are good breaks between the painful sex. The plot is well written and hints at events for hopefully the NEXT book in the Only Human series. The characters in this story are still fabulous. Angel holds her own and kicks anyone who tries to force her into submission. Bash does as credible job of helping Angel trust him.

Angel and Bash's relationship requires a lot of trust from both of them. Angel sometimes has issues. Bash sometimes has issues. It's nice how Ms. Blevins shows how mistakes can happen. Then goes to explain the perception as well as how to "make it right". This is a culture where fists flying is an acceptable way to settle things. I like this because nowadays it feels like people have to talk things to death and still nothing is resolved.

There is one thing that bugged me in this story. Bash and his hang ups about being a monster. His issue with Angel killing men baffles me. For the record, in my opinion, being a sociopath isn't always a bad thing. Sociopaths are amoral - neither good or evil. I know several of them and I have no issues with sociopaths. They kind of turn me on. What is not so good are the sociopaths who are killers - the psychopaths will take everyone down with them. Those are the ones we avoid - like the crazy DA. Thomas turned into a crazy man. I don't get him. On to better things.

The sex in this book is soooo gooooddd. For someone who is not into heavy impact play, I loved everything Bash did to Angel. Ms. Blevins went light on the SM in this story which is nice. It shows she can do from light to hardcore. What really turned me on is the breathplay.

What I [Angel] didn’t expect, was for him [Bash] to rise up, cram his cock into my pussy, put his hand over the top of my throat so I couldn’t breathe, and tell me, “Not yet, Angelica. Don’t fight me. Let me restrict your air. Eye contact. Don’t look away, don’t look at the clock… eyes on me, that’s it. I’ll tell you when you can come…”

Black spots floated in my vision, and I wanted to fight him, to knock his hand loose so I could breathe, but my eyes were locked on his and his orders were law for me, in that moment, so when he said, “Now, Angelica. Come on my cock, squeeze me hard…” There was more, he said a lot more, but I didn’t hear much after that because my body let loose with an orgasm I truly thought might take my head off, and when he released my throat so I could pull more oxygen into my body, the headrush of it on top of the climax, and the fact he started fucking me full-tilt just as it all hit… My world imploded and exploded simultaneously, and I was the wolf and the human, his Princess and his Angelica.

I don’t know how he did it, but as the orgasm faded, he moved me to another position and angled in differently as he ordered me to come again, and I did. And when that one faded, he did it again. And again. I remember begging him not to make me come again, and I remember him ignoring me, and using his hands, or his cock, or his mouth, or a combination… and forcing yet another climax out of me. And another. It was after midnight before I finally lay peacefully in his arms, spent and exhausted, boneless, happy, and more in love than I’d ever thought possible.(loc. 2060-2072)

Good Lord have mercy. As someone who enjoys breathplay, this is exactly how I like it. I must have read this passage over several times.

I love this world Ms. Blevins builds. The characters are wonderful. I am so glad to see this side of Bash. He turned out to be a good guy even if I hated him in Brain. Each book in this series is highly recommended. This is a Beyotch - buy this book now!

* A gift from the author.  No review requested.  I gave one anyway.*
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