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Challenge AcceptedChallenge Accepted by Annabeth Leong

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A dominant female receives more flak than her male counterparts. Christine is well aware of this, too well known to being shamed for her sexual desires. Christine is a woman who likes control in the bedroom. A strong independent woman, she's sworn off vanilla men. They can't handle her sexual desires and experience. What Christine really wants is a man who can match her and still understand that even if he is using his dick in her, she's the one dictating the terms. She is surprised by Sam. Sam is open to new experiences and has never been offered the opportunity to try kinky fun with a woman in charge. When Christine gives Sam a tour into this kinky world, he may have a few misgivings but in the end, it is exactly what he wants.

Ms. Leong is a new-to-me author. Her femdom story is refreshing because it shows a more realistic relationship dynamic between a dominant female and submissive male. Christine dispels the stereotype man-hating and ball busting bitch many stories feature. This is not to say there are no female dominants in real life who are man-hating ball busting bitches. It's to say those are represented out of proportion and it's becoming tedious. Christine is a woman who is similar to many women with power; others feel threatened by her. This makes it difficult to find a lover who is strong and yet willing to yield their control.

Ms. Leong does a good job of showing the human side of Christine with her flaws and worries. This is balanced with the caring and non-judgmental sex scenes. Sam as a character is a perfect match for Christine. It's not that he's been converted to be a "doormat" which is what many like to accuse of male submissives. Showing how Sam explores and learns about Christine's desires makes Sam even more attractive.

The sex in this story is good. One scene that sticks out is an anal scene. Most will think that if the person is getting it in the ass, they must be the bottom or the submissive. Not so. Ms. Leong does a delicious job of showing how a woman can be in charge even when she has taken the dick up her ass. The introduction to kink in this story is a bit rough at first which is planned. It does get better and it's a lovely erotic romance. This kinky erotica is recommended for femdom lovers looking for a balanced relationship with a happily ever after.

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