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Hers To Captivate (Verdantia, #5)Mmm to the deferred gratification and edging scenes - super hot @patriciaaknight #bookreview #kinky #menage
Hers To Captivate by Patricia A. Knight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Welcome back, Ms. Knight and your smexy hotness! This book is light on the plot movement but hot & heavy on the sex. Oh boy is this book is delicious. Angelica Giverny features in her own story. We met her in book three when she was a mind raped sex slave. Angelica is now free from the asshats enslaving her as a sex slave with a side helping of medical expertise. Freed by supernova hot couple Ramsey and Steffania, she comes to help the Verdantian women who have been mind fucked. These women are ones who have their brains messed with and forced into a sexual submissive servitude when it wasn't their natural inclination. For Angelica, even though she went through the same programming, there is no deprogramming her of sexual submissive desires. She craves a dominant male to her chagrin. Verdantia males are nothing if not dominant.

Needing protection at the medical facility to help these Verdantian women, Angelica meets her new bodyguard, Prince Tristan DeHelios aka Tris. Tris carries baggage from the treatment he receives from his arrogant brother Hel. Remember him from book four? Still not impressed with Hel and his little cameo in this book does not endear him to me. Tris on the other hand is a naughty deviant whom I find very attractive. His trick with Angelica's computer "servant" is hilarious. The sexual tension between these two is good. What makes it hotter is their desire for Captain Magellan DeLan aka Mage.

Oh boy, when the three of them finally get it on, it is a sensory overload. The deferred gratification and edging is fabulous. For someone who gets off on this kind of play, Ms. Knight exceeds previous standards when it comes to cock teasing. If I had balls they would be blue. This menage is an intense triad. I love mmf menage so this worked really well for me. The bondage added a nice kick to the heat. The relationship between these three is more than just sex. They stimulate each other in both mind and body which is why I really enjoyed it. The chase Mage and Angel give Tris is fun. Tris's predatory hunting and breaking down their defenses is what I would expect from a dominant male.

This story moves at a decent pace. The majority of it is erotica with a little bit of suspense. It seems this book may be more of a set up for the next story. I'm hoping to read more about Tok and his "Sweet Pea" Eva. This book is highly recommended to menage lovers who enjoy mmf and kink.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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