Review: In the Company of Wolves

In the Company of Wolves (SWAT, #3)

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In the Company of Wolves by Paige Tyler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When wolves come together as a pack, the alpha wolf in this series doesn't always equate to being a male. Jayna's start in life is rough with a mother who protects an abusive deadbeat boyfriend. When said boyfriend makes a move on Jayna, Jayna leaves in a violent way. When readers next see Jayna, she is no longer a young runaway afraid of being raped. Instead, she's one of the bad guys. She's stealing and gets caught by the Dallas SWAT. Jayna is now a werewolf and coming across a team of alpha werewolves freaks her out. From what little her useless alpha tells her, there can only be one alpha in a territory at a time and none can stand each other in close proximity. This completely contradicts what she's seeing.

This story is predictable in the plot. What makes this story so good is the relationship between Jayna and her pack. Jayna may not know all the ways a pack should behave, but she does know she wants to protect them. She won't let anyone break her family apart. This sense of loyalty is actually better than the Dallas SWAT team. When Jayna's pack cross fires with the Dallas pack, Eric Becker is the one who can help Jayna save her chosen family. Jayne is a strong character with good intentions. She's between the proverbial rock and hard place. She does the best she can in order to keep everything together. Scenes of her interacting with her pack help show her strength and courage. It also makes her more likeable to the readers.

The conflicts in this story work well. Mixing in the mob to use werewolves as thugs and enforces is a nice touch. This gives the opportunity for more world building and learning about the wolves in this world. What didn't work well for me was the undercover part by Eric. It is too unbelievable. He's not good enough to pull this elaborate con off. The resolutions to the conflicts were a bit of a far stretch too. Eric as a love interest for Jayna is good. The romance part of this story is lukewarm. It's understandable that Eric would go to extremes for his "one". The chemistry between Jayna and Eric didn't crackle as much as it fizzled. Perhaps it is because whilst Eric is like a superhero protector, Jayne doesn't really need him. His stalking of her does seem a bit creepy. Still, they are a cute pairing despite their forgettable love scenes.

After finishing this book, many readers will want to know when the next book comes out. This paranormal suspense is recommended for werewolf lovers who root for female alpha wolves.

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