Review: Indentured Freedom: Owned by the Vampire

Indentured Freedom: Owned by the Vampire
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Indentured Freedom: Owned by the Vampire by Candace Blevins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Teresa is a beaten down werewolf who is used to being raped and told she is worthless. When she finally escapes, it's not all she expects. She still has to use her body but now she has to provide for herself. Helpless and trying to adjust, she is lucky and a vampire finds her to his liking. Gavin is the 2nd most powerful vampire in this Southern region. As the right hand man of the Abbott, he has power and money. At first, Teresa is just a blood slave for Gavin's food. Then Ms. Blevins gets it on.

For those who are expecting a love story, this is not the book for you. For those who enjoy S&M, formal protocol and lack of privacy, this is the book for you. Gavin is a sadist and he makes no apologies for it. He doesn't set up arbitrary rules so that he can "catch" Teresa and give her some funishment. He beats, whips and tortures her for his sexual satisfaction. This is not a book for the mild. For those who need to have love and romance, this is not that kind of erotica. This is raw, gritty submission without any safewords. There is a contract which I'm not surprised to see. If there is one fetish Ms. Blevins has, is her love for contracts. I loved it. This is a dark, intense Master/slave relationship. For some, they may find it bad for Teresa. For others, they may find it just what she needs. Personally, seven years of paying her dues will bring a lot for her. The one part I liked most is why Teresa decides to stay with Gavin. He's like her fairy godfather from a Grimm's fairy tale. The most precious of sacrifices is in blood for a vampire. Teresa will be shedding and paying in blood and tears. Delicious.

This book is a dream for me. Because my dreams follow along the same lines as what Gavin does. Reading this story gives me that frightened arousal because I know it hurts so good and the man with the power is neither good nor bad. If I were a shifter, I would take the contract as a slave with Gavin. It would be a long painful term yet so glorious.

Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy dark, violent and painful sexual pleasure.

* ARC provided by author. A review requested even if I hated the book. The only part I hated was the short length.

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