Review: Mechanical Vice

Mechanical ViceMechanical Vice by Morgan Hunter

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

A female sex bot in concept is erotic and wide open for sexy shenanigans.

Sasha is an elite design where she can change to please any customer. For a story which promises sizzling hot encounters, most were lukewarm. Let me put in a few caveats. I read extensively and I love cyberpunk and robotic speculative fiction. I do come from an IT background. Lastly, I read several hundreds of new erotic books a year. The concept of this book appeals to a specific niche of readers who can be very critical. It requires a certain science background to make it meaty enough for the science geeks. It also needs to take the erotic fantasies of a geek and really bring it up a level. Because I can confidently state, many quiet kinky geeks are perverted deviants with a very creative imagination. Some of the scenes they share with me at BDSM events blow my mind.

This book would have been better for me if it spent less time trying to figure out the "deadly" instructions. The plot and erotic did not blend well. My recommendation is either take the sex out and focus on the suspense or make the suspense a soft secondary thread with a more intense erotic theme. Because the switch from sexual encounters to trying to figure out how Sasha is different didn't flow well. It reminds me a little of the movie Her but it lacks the character development and plot. The concept is good; the execution needs a bit more work.

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