Review: Mistress Stephanie's Strays

Mistress Stephanie's Strays: A Tale of Polyamorous Domination and SubmissionMistress Stephanie's Strays: A Tale of Polyamorous Domination and Submission by Jim Lyon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Femdom lovers who enjoy a harem of sexy slaves, this is the book for you. Mark this book as one for the spank bank. Mr. Lyon brings forth a fantasy come true. Stephanie is on her way to the "Big Island" Hawaii. The aunt she's named after leaves her an estate complete with servants. The four servants: Peter, Toni, Louise and Molly. Chasity, piercings and sissies, oh my!

Stephanie enjoys both her D/s desires as well as good food and clean sheets. Her slaves cook, clean, garden and eat pussy. The sex scenes in here are panty wetting goodness. The piercings to keep the slaves from masturbating is fetish I love. The heavy anal training with fabulous butt plugs is a lovely touch. It's as if Mr. Lyon reached into my fantasies and wrote it out for me. Between the slave "dress code" and sexual acts, I'm over the moon. Throw in a switch lover who is also a service Top yet leans towards the submissive end of the scale, I am panting with desire.

The sexual acts are all well described. There is a decent plot and the characters are deliciously distinguishable. The story does move rather fast two third of the way through it. And it feels as if the ending is rushed. Personally, I'd liked to enjoy more of Mistress Stephanie's sexual interludes. Pegging, fisting, queening and anal rimming are all spank worthy acts. This is a delightfully sweet erotic tale with a caring and loving domme. Recommended for femdom lovers who enjoy men, women and sissies.

* Gift from an author. No review requested.

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