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Open Doors (Suncoast Society, #27)Open Doors by Tymber Dalton

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Derrick and Marcia love their little community of friends. If only they had a place to call their own. In OPEN DOORS, Ms. Dalton shows what it takes to open a BDSM club. Many books have high end clubs for the rich and privileged. I'm not saying that these don't exist. They just happen to be far fewer than it appears in BDSM glitterkink books. Personally, I have been at the start of when a community of kinksters tried to open their own club in a building. Due to several variables and one of them a zoning issue, the club was closed down. So when I read about how Derrick and Marcia open up a club and how it starts out, I'm impressed.

Ms. Dalton does a great job of showing how a club grows organically through contributions from the entire community. As the community grows, more people help out through service or donations of furniture. Seeing a place grow from ground up is a special experience. The frustrations and heads are worth it.

I loved the accuracy of the book. I loved how there are men with great plans and forget about the details. Showing how a dominant husband's relationship works with a business savvy submissive wife is a great representation of how D/s dynamics can work in real life. Learning about how the Suncoast Society started is a treat. What is even nicer is seeing how well Ms. Dalton captures reality and transforms it into an erotic education. This story is highly recommended to BDSM readers who want to learn what it takes to create a safe haven for kinksters.

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