Review: The SEAL's Angel

The SEAL's Angel (Mystery Angel Romances,#3)The SEAL's Angel by Petie McCarty

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A past lover returns

All alone, Cory Rigatero is doing her best to keep her family home intact. Her family resort is in dire straits. With her father gone and her brother missing in action, she is at her wits end. With a greedy man does his best to steal the land out from under her, a man appears out of nowhere to help her. Sean MacKay was Cory's brother's best friend. He's been watching out for Cory. Now with terrorists in the States and classified secrets missing, Sean hopes Cory's brother sent something to Cory for safe keeping. Whilst this is the third in the series, it is fine to read it without reading the first two books.

This story started out slow and built up to a satisfying conclusion. The plot contains two different threads which makes it difficult for Sean to figure out what is truly going on. Both aim towards the same goal, ruining or destroying Cory. Sean is not about to let that happen. Sean's desire to help is more than just for Cory's brother. It's for Cory and his past love for her.

The romance in this story is sweet and a long time coming. For those who enjoy innocent love over hot passionate erotic, this story is for you. Cory is a sweet hardworking female who has been let down too often. Sean is an honorable man who feels he isn't worthy. The two are good together. The past between Cory and Sean is complicated. What is odd is Cory's inability to recognize Sean after all these years. Their past summer love ended abruptly, but not as Cory believes it to be. Sean's side of the story is sadly too realistic. These two characters are admirable because both are survivors. They each suffered in their own way and don't blame others. This is makes them more realistic and easier to relate. Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy suspense and love reunited.

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