Review: The Society

The Society (Society, #1)The Society by Lilith Saintcrow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fast paced, government killers and psychics makes The Society a fun read. Always a fan of Ms. Saintcrow's underdogs, Rowan Price is the latest in need of protection and sticking it to "The Man". Rowan lives a regimented life. Since she was young, she possessed powers which disturbed her. Her father did the best to help her. Still, Rowan doesn't want anything to do with it. When Rowan makes the mistake of being a good neighborhood watch person, she finds a group of "ghost" hunters instead of kids staying the night at the abandoned house. What Rowan doesn't know is that her special abilities is highly prized and two opposing sides will do whatever it takes to make her theirs.

This story moves at a fast past. There are no happy endings and Rowan is a danger to all whom she loves. Ms. Saintcrow does a good job of building this world. The suspense keeps a reader turning page after page. The characters are developed and admirable. Justin is the one who stands out the most as he does his best to keep people safe and bring Rowan into this nightmare paranormal world. For those who enjoy conspiracy theories and believe the black ops government agencies fight on the side of wrong, this book will be appealing. This paranormal suspense is recommended for those who enjoy covert agents and psychic powers.

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