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Cast in Honor (Chronicles of Elantra, #11)Cast in Honor by Michelle Sagara

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Place this at the front of your to be read list. Cast in Honor follows right after events the previous book, Cast in Flames. This is not a standalone book. The series should be read in the order written otherwise there will be a lot of back history lost. Kaylin is back on her day job. Whilst they may have fought off the Devourer successfully in the last book, in this one, Shadows still exist. Even worse, it appears one sect is doing its best to bring the Shadows back to the for front.

I really enjoyed this book because it answers several of the questions posed in Cast in Flame. In addition, Nightshade is back and the way he is returned is convoluted and fraught with danger. It isn't a Ms. Sagara book if the plot is not comprised of multiple threads, all going in different directions yet interconnected so that when one is pulled, another will be yanked. The complexities of this world is mind boggling and it is for those who enjoy multiple variables moving constantly. My mind is in a constant state of flux as I'm completely engaged, trying to figure out how events and clues tie together.

This world is becoming more complicated as new information is revealed about the shadows. A new player appears who shows that once again, there are no absolutes in this world. I enjoy how Ms. Sagara turns a lot of truisms upside down and forces the characters to change and adjust to a new paradigm. It may be exhausting but it is thrilling. The ah-ha moments as the picture becomes clearer is what really makes my mind hum with pleasure as I read this series.

From a character perspective, each one is well crafted and different. It is amazing how Kaylin stays true to her personality yet one can see the growth from her initial awkward youthful phase. She is maturing and she rebels against it at times. All the different races who interact with her have been forced to change. Kaylin is an agent of change whether she likes it or not. Even royalty find they need to a different want to operate when they interact with Kaylin. Because Kaylin makes decisions by her heart not always with her head. Generally speaking this is a problem. In this world, it makes Kaylin an asset because everyone else is following rules and logic which no longer apply. Kaylin's ability to come up with solutions on the fly through her gut feelings is completely against what my logical mind prefers yet it works so well here. After reading this book I immediate want to read the next one. This high fantasy is recommended for those who enjoy complex worlds and soft hearted heroines in a harsh and cruel world.

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