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Darker Space (Dark Space, #2)Darker Space by Lisa Henry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Ready for a teasing non-con cock tease? Ms. Henry once again fools me into thinking this book is going to have some arousing erotic non-con with the Faceless taking liberties upon Brady and Cam. Denied! Brady and Cam are back on Earth. They are now together and with Lucy, Brady's sister. They are drones on a military base. Brady's chip on his shoulder is so large that it is an impressive feat for him to even get out of bed.

The first half of the book, I'm thinking Ms. Henry should not have written a sequel because the first book's "happily ever after" just tanked. Brady is in a whiny fighting-against-everyone mode. He comes across as the victim all the time. His actions are all counterproductive and I just want to smack some sense into the boy. Why Cam puts up with Brady's shit, I don't know. I'm almost about to give up on the book and give the book a one star. Plowing forward, I am determined to finish it because I love Ms. Henry.

Fortunately, the story gets better when Brady's nightmares increase with Cam, Lucy and the alien Kai-Ren featuring in them. Rubbing my hands together, I'm hoping that Brady will guiltily submit to some anal rape whilst Cam watches. Or maybe there will be a forced threeway! No. No such luck. The least Ms. Henry can do is bribe me with hot non-con sex. But I am left without a bribe.

So why did I still really enjoy this book? The action finally picks up the last half of the book as it becomes clear why Brady and Cam were stuck in the positions on Earth. Cam's ex-lover's appearance also makes sense. Going back into the "black" where Brady absolutely hates it is when the pace picks up and all the good stuff happens. Brady ceases his whiny bitch mode. The Faceless are back and the readers are treated to a bigger glimpse into their culture. And, it turns out the Faceless do have a sense of humour.

I loved the last part of the book. The ending makes it appear that there will be another book in this series. Hopefully in the next one, we'll see the attitude adjusted Brady and more Kai-Ren. I have given up hope for any dirty depraved alien anal probing. This space opera is recommended for m/m readers who enjoy bratty characters and an alien twist.

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