Review: Dick, It's What's for Dinner

Dick, It's What's for DinnerDick, It's What's for Dinner by James   Cox

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One never knows what comes out of the erotic mind of Mr. Cox. The title of this book says it all. Vernon is a guy who wants to be a chef. He dreams big for a boy from the lower rungs in society. Cooking classes are not cheap. He earns money at a scuzzy stripper bar by shaking his ass and flaunting his pecs. When an incredible offer to earn a few thousand credits over the course of six months lands on his naked lap, he takes it. With his two friends, they entertain the military ship with an erotic cooking preparation.

This story is surreal. It is comedy with a dash of conspiracy. The plot is wacky and totally enjoyable. The characters are a stitch. The three amigos, Vernon, Rei and Ale, take their wiggling tushes and create memorable dining experiences. Mr. Cox really ups the ante in this story with the descriptive scenes. I am no cooking guru but I'm not sure these cooking shows choreographed by Vernon actually ends up with finished edible meals. The cooking dance concept is fantastic. This is the kind of cooking show I would be interested in watching. If only a cable network would pick this up. If this was a show like the puppetry of penis, I would buy tickets and go. Dinner and a show, what can beat this?

The plot in this story is rather loosely written. The characters are simple. It is the erotic sex and the ludicrous situations which these characters find themselves in that makes the story so enjoyable. Mr. Cox does a great job of keeping the action moving. He also adds a few character flaws to make Vernon and Ale more adorable. The fast conclusion coming out from the left field may catch a few readers off guard. Still, it ends the story in an amusing manner. For those who enjoyed the comedic action flick Hudson Hawk, this story will most likely appeal to you.

Recommended for m/m space opera readers who enjoy comedy, action and flaunting wangs.

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