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The Duke's PossessionThe Duke's Possession by Zoe Blake

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Naughty girls need love too. Or actually they need a hard spanking. Not just one, but many to remind them because bratty little girls have short memories as evident by Charlotte. Charlotte is the quintessential spoiled brat. She is the perfect example of sparing the rod and spoiling the child. At the tender age of 19 years old, she is already a terror and quickly finding her reputation on the road to ruin. Her parents take the cowards way out and find a husband to take Charlotte in hand.

Lord Asherton is particular in his sexual appetite as well as what he wants in a wife. It is rumoured his deviant predilections would make a grown woman cry. Charlotte's nasty attitude sparks Asherton's interest. He feels an overwhelming desire to correct this child and punish her "bottom" hole thoroughly. As far as Charlotte is concerned, Lord Asherton is a stick in the mud and she can't abide even the sight of him. There is no contest here. Charlotte is going to be harshly schooled and it is so good.

Ms. Blake treats readers to a delight in medical play and age play. The humiliation Charlotte suffers is not enough. Charlotte gives women a bad name. There are many additional ways Charlotte could have been made to display and be shamed. She is a horrid character who possesses no redeeming qualities. It is perplexing why Asherton would want such an unruly female and not discipline her more sadistically. I must admit, reading Charlotte's antics and tantrums elicits a strong cruel desire in me. The medical scenes whilst spank worthy should happen more often. Charlotte needs her "punishment" hole to be reamed out with nanny's fist. Alas, Ms. Blake and Lord Asherton go easy on Charlotte to keep her from being broken.

This story moves in a nice flowing pacing. The kinky parts are delicious. The characters play their parts and are as expected. The intensity is a bit mild for me based Charlotte's rebellious nature. This story is recommended for historical romance readers who enjoy domestic discipline mixed with age play.

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