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A Few Bad Men (Outlaw MC #7)A Few Bad Men by James   Cox

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This series is addictive. In the latest installment, the resistance is getting closer to winning the war. The leader of the MC is also closer to getting his lover back from the prison located on Earth. This book features Valentine, the brother of Romeo who is in the MC. Valentine made a small error and is sent to the hell hole on Earth. Smarter than your average bear, Valentine can tell things are not going well on Earth and he hitches a ride back to Mars. After stowing away, he makes it back to find a much different Mars than he remembered.

The pace of this story is fast and action packed, just how I like it. It is a bit surprising how quickly the villain is found and neutralized. Then again this is book number seven. The threads are all coming together. This one feels more like a set up for the next book to find Liam which would be nice. Liam keeps being mentioned and in this one, readers finally learn what is happening to him on Earth. It is not pretty.

What is pretty is the relationship between Grim and Valentine. These two hotties burn up the sheets sans regard to those around them. Sometimes, it's better not to know about people's pasts. Sometimes, starting fresh and just focusing on the sex would be good. Unfortunately, the hot buttons for Valentine are pushed when Grim reveals his past. Seriously, Grim was up front about not hooking up yet Valentine still presses for it. Do not ask questions you do not want answers to… that is a good rule to follow when getting mixed up in a motorcycle club.

The plot device helps to add tension, angry sex and make up sex. When Mr. Cox writes his throwdowns between two men, get ready for some panty wetting goodness. Recommended for m/m romance lovers who like bad boys doing bad things in the name of justice.

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