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Heaven (Bad Angels #3)Heaven by Belinda McBride

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Happily ever after for a fallen angel turned succubus may not be in the cards for Anahita. Stuck in an in-between world where she is slowly starving to death due to lack of sex, she is almost giving up hope. When an angel appears to slay her, Anahita almost welcomes it if it were not her own brother.

HEAVEN is the third book in this series. The books should be read in order. This is not a standalone. Full disclosure, I read it as a standalone and I'm sure my experience is not as good as it would have been if I had read the first two books.

Ms. McBride does a good job of recapping some of the events from the previous books so there isn't too much confusion. This world is torn apart as it appears the angels have been corrupted. Whilst trying to battle this corruption, Anahita suffered. The tragic loss she experiences is more than she can bear. Fortunately for her, in this one it seems she will finally be reunited with her lovers.

The lovers in this story are a tangled knot. One would think it could all go wrong as Anahita loves Rion who loves Reux who needs Anahita. Talk about a love triangle. Fortunately, this menage is a sexy triad and it works well. Each of the characters in this story are admirable and easy to fall in love with. What is confusing at times is how each character goes by more than one name. It could be two or three when nicknames are included. Fortunately, they are different enough that it is easy to distinguish between them.

The sex in this story is heavenly. The m/m and the m/f are all delicious. Ms. McBride does a lovely job of bringing all three together into a relationship that works for them. The ending of this story leaves it open for another story. It seems there will be a show down--a war of the angels so it would seem. This paranormal romance is recommended for menage lovers who have a thing for fae and angels.

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