Review: Just Desserts

Just Desserts (Coletti Warlords, #5)Just Desserts by Gail Koger

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

A huge fan of Ms. Koger, I am caught off guard when JUST DESSERTS is a surprising rehash of her first book, Just My Luck. Kaylee is back and she's pregnant. Not the most patient of people, being pregnant has made Kaylee even more of a hothead. What really surprised me about this book is how over fifty percent of this book is a copy of the first. There is very little new here and it just disappoints.

With this world Ms. Koger's created, it is usually filled with action-packed sequences. The snarky heroines make the story hilarious. With Kaylee featuring in this one, I'm expecting some bad ass fighting scenes. I'm expecting to find out more about this world. None of my expectations were met. There is very little plot development and very little featured about the Shani Queen Mother. Frankly, I'm baffled with this book. It's unlike Ms. Koger because even when she creates similar strong female characters, the adventures are at least different. The sex is also explosive. The sex here is blah. The adventures are a bad re-run. Hopefully there will be a new book in this series with fresh material and new characters. A devoted fan can only pray that happens.

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