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Mastering HannaMastering Hanna by Anna Lund

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sexual slavery is not even a concept in Hanna's world. She's a decoy princess and bored with her life. She is the lookalike and raised next to the Princess. In times of danger, her job is to take the heat. During a usual outing, the Princess, Hanna and the other ladies in waiting are captured and taken off the planet. These women who have never experienced a day of hardship are now kept as captives and ready to be sold off as the lowest of low.

The premise of this story is erotically hot. The sexual tension is just right to keep a reader engaged and arouse. This sexual awakening for Hanna at the hands of her prison guard, Jarrod, is entertaining. The dubious consent helps heighten the passion between Jarrod and Hanna. For Hanna, this is the experience of a life time. Sure, she will be at the whim of another person. This is no different than before. Except now, her servitude is all about spankings, cravings, licking, thrusting and coming. Her idyllic life of visiting fields of flowers and dancing in the woods will now be replaced with spreading her legs and stripping her clothing off. There is something about Hanna which encourages a reader to yearn for her defilement. It could be that she takes such pleasure in her bondage that it becomes a freeing adventure instead of a nightmare which makes me want to treat her just a bit more cruel. The kink in here is more about Hanna's pleasure than her serving at another's pleasure which transforms this dark theme into a sweet sensual tale.

The characters are straightforward with little complexity. There is a bit of character development when Ms. Lund tries to move past the sexual slavery and focus on Jarrod and Hanna's possible life together. This part felt rushed. Jarrod also seems to not really understand the obvious about Hanna's hopes and dreams. She spells it out for him point blank and he completely misses it. The ending almost feels like it belongs to another story. Ultimately, the resolution does work and I enjoyed how it played out. Recommended for space opera fans who enjoy dubious con sparking a sexual carnal kindling.

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