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Mixed Signals (Off the Grid, #3)Mixed Signals by Alyssa Cole

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Dystopian futures still require schooling - how mundane. Full disclosure, I did not read the first two books in this series. Whilst it is fine to read this book as a standalone, it is recommended to read the first two books as there are references to previous events and characters.

Maggie Seong is a lucky girl. She survived the Flare with her family intact. In addition, her family increases as her brothers get married. Now that things are settling down, her parents are urging her to explore the world by getting the college experience. Maggie is resistant to going off to college. This is not hard to understand as the past four years have been a fight to survive. The safety of her family and home is not something Maggie is willing to leave, just to see more of the world.

Fortunately, Maggie doesn't go off to school by herself. Edwin Hernandez takes her to college because he is also going to school there. With the States trying to rebuild, college campuses are key to bringing the power grid back up as well as train the minds of their future… young impressionable college students.

I am mixed about this book. I liked the concept. I also liked a couple of the characters. Maggie I could take or leave which is rough because she is the main character. She annoys me which I should have realized if I paid attention to her age. Her lack of age and maturity is not appealing to me in my older age. I'm done with foolish girls making decisions in a hissy fit. Whilst Maggie's character is appropriate for her age, I don't really care for her. She's selfish and careless with her words. Her relationship with Devon, a pre-Flare crush is toxic. But as all young girls, she needs to go through this and learn the hard way.

The characters I really liked were Edwin and Danielle. Edwin is the steadfast loyal rational friend. Let me emphasize the world rational. Edwin may just be a couple of years older but he is much more responsible and more caring. Personally I think Danielle and Edwin should get together. Screw Maggie and the chip on her shoulder. Danielle is my favourite character in this book because she is a survivor. She tries hard to be a friend only to receive rejection over and over again.

As a total side note and tangent, "Nihao" is not Japanese either. It's Chinese. Maggie should get her Asian languages straight. The irony of Maggie's condescension towards Danielle is amusing. Not sure if Ms. Cole does this on purpose or there was a lack in research. I'm going to hope for the former answer.

Overall, this story is predictable in conflict and the villains. The only twist that moved me was Danielle's history. This new adult romance is recommended for those who enjoy dystopian stories with an interracial couple.

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