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Not Safe For #bookreview #bdsm Jon is a dom who brings the submissive sweetness out in Rick
Not Safe For Work by L.A. Witt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Just the title of this book makes me cringe in anxiety. When I see these four little words: not safe for work, I think the worst because so many work places have a zero tolerance policy against anything "deviant". This concept is interpreted with such varying degrees, it is almost as if we need to be robots in this world to avoid presenting an improper face. It is draining, especially for those who tend to be a bit more on the rowdy and causal side. Jon is such a person. He works for a conservative firm as an architectural modeler. He is a closeted bisexual male who is tired of the dating game. He wants a submissive he can have a real relationship with. He does come with complications. His roommate is his ex-wife and his paycheck are going towards paying for the kids' education since the original kids savings are all tapped out by his ex-wife.

This set up makes me twitch. There are so many things wrong with Jon's life that just frustrates me. Ms. Witt always does a good job of creating characters who are real with real life problems and complicated situations. These drama ridden people tend to be the vortex of chaos. I cannot stand these people. However, Jon is written in a way that he is still admirable, likeable even if one wants to smack him upside the head. A lot of his problems stem from his own doing. He makes choices which are not advisable. He's not a bad person. He's not a dumb person. His impulsive behaviour tends to trip him up. Which oddly enough, makes him a believable real-life dominant. Jon is not a perfect dom. He cannot read minds. He is not in tune with the world and able to melt a submissive at twenty paces with a raise of an eyebrow. He is a regular joe who enjoys kinks and sometimes, makes mistakes.

This view into the kinky lifestyle works well because it illustrates a plausible job mixed with personal life scenario with a dreaded exposure at work. The conflict in this story is very well done. The pit of my stomach is clenching as I am anticipating this train wreck and HR nightmare to occur. This is a terrible lose-lose situation which places Jon and his submissive, Rick into a bad place. The ramifications of what Jon's bosses ordered him to do as well as how Jon got caught are a legal horror. The way the resolution came out is well done and plausible. Ms. Witt does an excellent job of depicting how a situation gone wrong can be saved. It is not easy and there really are no winners.

The BDSM in this story is lovely. Rick as a submissive is just on the delightful side of bratty. Jon is a dominant who can bring the submissive sweetness out in Rick. The two of them together is an explosive combination. If they were to play in club, they would definitely draw an audience. Their erotic exchange is unmistakable. Their sex is erotic and smoking hot. This erotic romance is recommended to kinky m/m readers who enjoy angst, messy circumstances and happily ever afters.
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