Review: The Priest, the Blonde and the Texan

The Priest, the Blonde and the TexanThe Priest, the Blonde and the Texan by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another addictive erotic spank bank tale from Ms. Alvarez. This one starts out a bit blasphemous even if it is humourous. Anna Belle aka Keiko is a cowgirl looking to ride a stud. When she finds a bar with a good looking friar, Peter, she believes she's found her man for the night. Convincing a man of the cloth to enjoy the forbidden fruit is something naughty dirty girls do. This is right up Anna Belle's alley. When sexually deviant Joy plops down and horns in on Anna Belle's prey, the heat kicks up a notch.

What can I say about this story other than it springs forth from the mind of a possible nymphomaniac? The sex in the story contains the standard porn flick elements. Ms. Alvarez takes it to a different level with her descriptions, off the wall situations and steamy sex. Let us be honest here. I never read Ms. Alvarez's books for plot, character development or world building. I read it for her creative interpretations and hot sex. She delivers every time and this one, the little twist should have been predictable yet it caught me by surprise. I loved it. This story helped my sex engine start up and ready to pounce my spouse. This sexy erotic piece is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy ménages and touch in cheek poking fun of classic porn fantasies.

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Keiko Alvarez said…
Thanks again for a great review!

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