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Stealing Her HeartStealing Her Heart by Sindra van Yssel

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Chauvinist cops with a grudge are a pet peeve for me. Vanessa is a cop who works hard to make the detective grade. Unfortunately for her, she is stuck with a captain who should not be a cop, let alone a captain. Captain Buckner places Vanessa in a bad position. She can either "play with the big boys" and use her body to catch a crook or be a whiny little girl flaking out of the police force. Vanessa chooses option one.

As a cop related theme, this story is a bit weak. Ms. van Yssel's forte is the BDSM scenes so I didn't pay much attention to the suspense plot line. Vanessa is a character I felt badly for because no matter what she does, she is in a lose-lose position. Fortunately for her, Vanessa's life is going to get interesting when she meets two dominants. Mistress Lizabet is Vanessa's ticket to an exclusive club. This exclusive club is important because this is how she is going to catch Gerard, an alleged thief. Vanessa will be receiving a fast and delicious education into the kinky lifestyle.

The focus is on Master Gerard and yet I'm drawn towards Mistress Lizabet. There seems to be more story about her that needs to be told. Lizabet swings both ways and seems to take females on as more than just a submissive. Her little bit of interaction with Vanessa is tantalizingly arousing. Lizabet is the kind of dominant who attracts me and encourages me to seek a female dominant. The scene with the shaving is delightful and accurately depicted. It conjures up happy memories.

Master Gerard's skill is not to be dismissed. The scenes he holds with Vanessa are definitely realistic and erotic. Ms. Van Yssel excels with her BDSM scene in accuracy, sensuality and erotic tension. I can feel and smell the flogging scene. The leather scent as the flogger heats up on a body and the thuddy feel of the tails on the flogger combine into a glorious experience. Master Gerard is more than just a dominant. His skills also reveal more than Vanessa is willing to share. This little twist in the story is nicely done. It does help the story move to a fast conclusion.

Whilst the romance part of the tale is nicely concluded, Vanessa's job situation leaves me unsatisfied. A reader can only hope another book follows with Lizabet as the main character and Captain Buckner put in his place. Recommended for kinky romance readers who enjoy erotic floggings, masters and mistresses.

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