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Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Blake captures my attention within the first few words in her new series. Veiled Magic is an urban fantasy with a slightly offbeat character, Donata Santori. Donata is the black sheep in her family. She comes from wealth, lives in squalor and possesses an inquisitive mind. Her skills as a witch come in the form of talking to the recently deceased. What she really wants to do, is be a meaningful contributor to society as a law enforcement agent aka a cop. A bit of a wall-flower, she follows the rules and quietly molds in a windowless basement office.

The catalyst for Donata's deep desire to be more accepted in the police force is crime of murder and theft. Donata soon finds herself in a mystery and conspiracy much larger than her little view of the world. Forced to use her alliances and quick wit, Donata grows in both experience and ferocity. Donata's character comes off a bit timid at first. She may even seem a bit fuddy duddy. When her life is threatened and she learns more about the supernatural world, she strengthens instead of folds. I like this kind of character who focuses on the problem at hand and moves forward. She even surprises herself at her own tenacity. Donata is the underdog readers will root for because she's amicable, kind hearted and determined.

The male characters in this story are a nice supporting cast for Donata. Magnus the friends with benefits shifter is a delicious and uncomplicated male. Peter the love child of a dragon and human is the intriguing one. Both have talents that are appealing to Donata. Both are delicious male specimens. Which one should Donata choose? In this first book, there isn't a leaning either way. My question is, why not have both?

The world building in this book is nicely done. The reader learns about the different opposing forces and how the Church comes into play. It's nice to see a balanced view of the rival forces. The Church is not vilified just as the Supernatural council is not deified. Learning about dragons and how they have an impossible conundrum only peaks a readers interest. I want to read more about the dragons. I want to learn more about the witches. I really want to learn what happens to Donata as she proves she does have what it takes to be a good cop. The next book in this series cannot come fast enough.

This action packed story with charismatic characters, vexing family members and troublesome opponents will keep a reader riveted. This is a page turner with a magical essence and intriguing plot. The vibrant descriptions paint a vivid world for a reader to dive into and enjoy. Recommended for urban fantasy readers who like knights, dragons and witches.

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Deborah Blake said…
Thanks for the great review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!
Hello Deborah! You are welcome. I can't wait to read more by you.

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