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Vulnerable (Suncoast Society, #29)Get your tissue box ready @TymberDalton #bookreview #tearjerker #bdsm
Vulnerable by Tymber Dalton

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With a title like this, it is best to have a tissue box ready. Ms. Dalton brings to us another loving tale of heartache and no win situations. There are always two sides to a story. In VULNERABLE, one would think the story is all about Leo and his clingy ex-wife who refused to let him go. For most people, when they hear just the highlights of a man who comes out as gay and wants to divorce his female wife, they think "good riddance". Honey, let the man go because there is nothing you've got that he wants to physically enjoy. Why doesn't Eva just move on? If she so desperately needs a man, she can just find another one who wants a woman to love, not a man.

As we learn more about Eva, it becomes clear there is more to why she does not want to let Leo go. Leo is her strength to stand up against her parents. He's the one who protects her. Without him, she may not be strong enough. At this point, some may think, why doesn't she just grow a backbone? Leo's friends are not thrilled with Eva and they take an adversary attitude. And when Leo tries to move on with someone new, Jesse, they encourage him to spend less time with her.

When Leo is not able to protect Eva, startling facts come out and it's not pretty. The emotions elicited from this book are strong. I feel sorrow, anger and an overwhelming desire to kill. If I was a vengeance demon, my work in this situation would require overtime. Ms. Dalton does an excellent job of changing it on a reader to see Eva's side. The way Tilly responds to Eva is not too different than how I would respond. This is what makes Ms. Dalton's writing so good. She is able to generate intense feelings in the reader and most can relate to the situations. This makes a reader feel more connected to the book. This connection is so good and I ended up with a book hangover after this one. Between Jesse and Eva, I did not know who needed more loving.

Thankfully, Leo is a man with a very large heart. The happily for now ending is satisfying. It also makes a reader want to read the very next book. Fortunately, I waited until I had both books in my hot little hands before I read this one. On to the next book in this fabulous series. Recommended to kinky readers who enjoy messy relationships that work.

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