Review: Being Bimbo

Being BimboBeing Bimbo by H. Dean

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Returning in the world and mind of "Brandi" is a trip. Daddy is a bad bad man who makes Brandi into a perfect bimbo in the first of this series. This book takes it from a different view and dare a say, a more cerebral view. The focus is on Brandi's perspective and bringing her personality, Michelle back to the surface only to destroy it all over again. It's a Machiavellian journey. This is not a romance. This is not just erotica. This is a cruel male enjoying molding his clay into the perfect woman for his whims.

The sex in here is graphic and it is a bit of a rehash of the previous. The body modification is from a different perspective of the previous book. I personally was hoping for more detailed graphic humiliation as well as some more body mods. This is because I'm a messed up, jaded body modification addict. This story is for those who enjoy deviance at the hands of a sadistic sociopath.

The story flows well. The scenes are vivid. The characters are memorable only because of what they do and what is done to them. Are they deep and complex characters? No. I read it for Mr. Dean's creativity and his perspective of what makes a man's dick harden. Recommended for kinky readers who like dark themes with ultimate sexual slavery.

*Provided by the author for a review. He knew I would want more graphic sex and as a true sadist, he denied me.

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