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Brand (The Donovan Dynasty #2)Brand by Sierra Cartwright

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Save a horse, ride a cowboy lovers, this is the book for you. Cade Donovan is an alpha male who knows what he wants. When Sofia McBride is hired to organize an important party for his family business, he sets out to make her his submissive.

Cade is a man's man. He is not metrosexual. He is sort of a throwback to when men do not talk about their feelings and when they were decisive. Cade is a straightforward man who knows how to woo a woman. This is not to say he is simplistic. He does have a few childhood hurts which makes him the way he is today. It also estranges him from his family, thinking they do not want him. His relationship with Sofia is what opens his eyes and helps him reconcile with his family and untangle his misconceptions.

The pursuit and capture theme with Cade stalking skittish Sofia is delicious. The chemistry between Cade and Sofia is hot and a bit chaotic. Sofia's well organized and structured life is turned upside down. Cade's life starts to look not as bleak. The two together bring out the good parts in each other which makes this a feel good book. The secondary characters give this book a nice sense of family, loyalty and fidelity.

The kink in this book is light for BDSM readers. It is erotic with a bit of domination and submission. There are a few more graphic scenes which are delectable. The romance is sweet. The characters are endearing. Merging the personal and business lives together makes this a rich story with layers instead of an easy kinky hook up tale. Sofia and Cade's relationship constraints are realistic and relatable. This erotic romance is recommended to kinky readers who love their cowboys.

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