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Candi’s DebtCandi’s Debt by Aubrey Cara

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

With a name like Candi, one would naturally assume the girl is a stripper. Bingo, Candi does do a short lived stint as a stripper. There is more than meets the eye with Candi. She is a smart girl with an unfortunate name and an even worse luck in family members. Her entire family drags her down. She is better off if she walked away from them in her teens. Instead, they pulling stupid stunts to earn money quick. In a desperate situation, she turns to Hank for help in exchange for his control over her.

The sex in this story is medium heat. The kinky parts are mild with spankings and light humiliation. Hank is an alpha male who enjoys ruling in and outside of the bedroom. With the way Candi screws up her life, Hank is her best bet to keep her on the path away from self-destruction. The sexual heat between these two is erotica and nicely done. What is good about Hank is how his intentions are good as well as his execution. He truly does help Candi and he's the steadying hand to support Candi's initial decisions which she always reserves due to her emotional heart.

I'm mixed about this story because I loathe stories where the characters make the worst choices. Everything Candi and her dumb ass little brother can do wrong, they do. It is not even a challenge to predict what will go wrong. For a girl with such a good grasp of numbers and patterns, she possesses not a lick of common sense. At one point, I am so disgusted with her, I am just hoping she gets gang-bang raped and sold off as a sex slave. Her ineptitude drives me crazy. Still, Candi does have a good heart. She is loyal and tries to do her best by her younger brother.

Hank is the man who becomes mixed up with this hot mess. What is interesting is how Hank knows full well that Candi is a problem. He even acknowledges his own white knight complex. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. When this crazy trail derails not once but multiple times, the reader is left a bit numb. Ms. Cara does a good job of painting the worst picture of humans. There are no billionaire here. There are no perfect characters who can kick ass and take names. Instead, these characters are well created with realistic flaws based on what I read in the news and see in real life. This makes the story realistic even if unbelievable at the same time.

The unbelievable part is the plot. Some of the events come across like a bad late night made for TV movie. It is a crazy mix between two cable channels - Lifetime and TNT. Somehow it all works and concludes with a happily for now. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Ms. Cara pulls a reader in by making Candi likeable even when we want to smack her upside the head. Overall, this story is more romantic with a damsel in distress being saved than a kinky erotic journey. This romance is recommended for those who enjoy a hot mess being saved by a man who understands and appreciates her.

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