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Cecilia's Mate (Space Wars Book 3)Cecilia's Mate by April Zyon

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Space opera soul mate lovers, this is a book for you. Book three in the Space Wars series starts off with a hook that drops my jaw. Full disclosure, I didn't read the first two books. This book is probably best not as a standalone. I didn't have any issues catching up to speed because Ms. Zyon does a nice job with her recaps. It's just enough to get the gist of previous events in the first two books.

What caught my eye? Honestly, it was Cecilia's mother. There is a brief scene where Cecilia's mother is a sadistic dominatrix and I nearly soaked my panties. Unfortunately, this is the only sex scene which captured my attention and stays in my memory. The rest of the sex is sweet sugarkink sex. Draven is a loving male who enjoys tying up and pleasuring his lover, Cecilia. For those enjoying a pinch of spice to their romance, Ms. Zyon delivers.

The characters in this book are easy to understand. Cecilia is almost like Cinderella. Draven is her prince charming, almost literally. This characters are a bit one dimensional for me. I didn't connect with either one of them. It's neither a good nor a bad thing. Both are nice people. There is nothing complicated about their relationship or their past. There are some not so nice things happen to them. It feels more like a check box of things that must happen to give the character more substance. The list of traits and history did not make the characters come across more substantial for me. I still enjoyed the book.

What I liked about the book is finding out about the dirty dealings in Cecilia's family. It is scandalous and in some ways, juicy gossip. It is a nice set up for exposing a bigger conspiracy. The conflicts in this story are all easy to resolve and will generate no anxiety for a reader. The situations can all be easily resolved and it is clear Draven can handle anything that pops up. If he can't, Cecilia's older brother can make the problem go away. The predictable ending is satisfying with a nice comeuppance. This romance is recommended for space opera lovers who enjoy a damsel in distress saved by a white knight theme.

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