Review: Dragos Goes to Washington

Dragos Goes to Washington (Elder Races, #8.5)Dragos Goes to Washington by Thea Harrison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dragon shifters are a favourite of mine. Seeing Ms. Harrison's name several times amongst my reading group, I decided to give her a try. Full disclosure, I did not read the previous books in this series. It is probably recommended to read the previous books for a better experience. As it is, I read this as a standalone and experienced no issues. It is very easy to pick up the situation and understand the world in this book.

Dragos is one of the representative for the Elder races trying to smooth things over with humans in D.C. This plot caught my attention because dragons shifters in books usually go one of two ways. Either they are super smooth and suave or they have no patience for annoying pissant humans. It is to no surprise Dragos falls in line with the latter philosophy. This series reminds me of one of my favourite authors, C.E. Murphy.

The world building is simple and easy to understand. For those just joining this series, it is a good place to start as Dragos and his wife Pia are just getting involved in politics to a degree they would rather avoid. The conflicts between the different races and against the humans are understandable and easy to catch on. What makes this story enjoyable is the light hearted humour. Ms. Harrison's writing style is light, witty and fun. It shows through her characters, specifically Pia. Whilst there are some similarities between Ms. Harrison's series to Ms. C.E. Murphy's Negotiator series, the main difference is tone. Even when there is danger and violence in this series, it is still balanced with sweetness. The colours in this world are vibrant with a slight undertone of menace. For those familiar with C.E. Murphy's Negotiator/Old Race Universe, that one is a dark and stark world with a slight undercurrent of hope. It is interesting to see how two similar concepts are executed quite differently and both are a joy to read.

From a character perspective, I really enjoyed the relationship dynamic between Dragos and Pai. Their give and take marriage is a learning process for Dragos. It is the quintessential old world conservative male flummoxed by the modern independent female. It is amusing and sweet because a reader can clearly see how much Dragos loves his wife. The chemistry between these two characters pulls a reader in and the reader becomes vested in the storyline. Engaged readers will want to immediately read the next two books in this three-story mini-arc within the larger series. This paranormal romance is recommended for dragon lovers who love dragons that treat their treasures with utmost care.

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