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Driven by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fabulous new addition to an excellent series. Driven is the latest in the Otherworld Stories. This book does come as a limited edition. This signed edition apparently comes with beautiful illustrations. I lusted after this description and hoped my review request would be approved and net me one of these luscious hardback editions. Unfortunately no. Still, this ebook is a great read, adding another layer to Elena's world.

Sometimes, matching a person the right position will finally make the fit work. Allowing Malcom into the pack is a tough decision for new Alpha Elena Michaels. She hates Malcom for what he has done in the past. With her experience in the shifter world, it is better to be ruthless than kind. In a lot of way, might does equal right, no matter how much Elena is trying to make a change. Not only does she have a pack to protect, she also has a set of precocious twins to defend. Dealing with Malcom is only one of her challenges.

This story seems to be about Malcom and the slaughtering of Cains. It also is about Elena's adjustment as an alpha. Her decisions now carry heavy weight and impact. Her view of how she feels others will respond to her decisions makes her less sure of herself. Through this character and plot driven story, Elena comes to some realizations that are a bit earth shattering for her. Whilst her perception changes, the others are patiently waiting for her epiphany. Each of the secondary characters in this book add their distinctive flavour making this book a rich tale to savour. Clayton is mellowing in his old age as Elena is becoming more vicious. The twins are little adults. They say the darnest things which amuses me to no end.

The plot to this story is an eye for eye. Elena needs to solve the mystery of why a family of good fer nuthin' are being targeted. The main one standing and calling for help is Davis Cain. He is much smarter than the rest of his male relatives which is not saying much. As the pack investigates and finds more grisly remains, it is becoming quickly apparent there is a vendetta being meted out. It is easy for the readers to surmise the answers and none of them are happy ones. The resolution comes swiftly once Elena's on the trail. This urban fantasy is recommended for shifter lovers who enjoy the thrill of a hunt.

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