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Exquisite Redemption (Iron Horse MC, #3)Erotica reader who like strong characters, good plot development and hawt sex @AnnMayburn #bookreview

Exquisite Redemption by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love the bad boys with a heart of gold? This book is for you. Where have I been that I missed this series? What is even worse is a friend recommended the first book in this series and I completely missed it. Although, truth be told, it is better I started with book 3. This book can be read without reading the first two books. I tend to like my books going in a linear timeline. Personally, I prefer reading about Sarah's story first.

The book starts out with Sarah as a little girl hiding from a domestic violence scene. This quickly jumps to an adult Sarah who is a world champion pole dancer. She is also March playmate of the year. Sarah is done with earning the money she needs to set up her new life as an interior designer. Her one night to say sayonara to her old life ends up in a cluster. The national president of a large motorcycle club picks her up, she is shot at, kidnapped and sold off as a sexual slave. The amount of action which occurs in the first few chapters hooks me in fast and keeps reeling me in. If I had not been almost caught still reading late at night, I would have finished this book in one sitting. I went through withdrawal symptoms until I could return to the book.

Sarah is a pretty amazing character. I like everything about her. For those who may scoff at how unrealistic Sarah is because of what she has accomplished, I reference Drew Barrymore. It is not easy, but it is possible for Sarah to be the way she is at her age. Sarah is a complex character because she is so strong, can handle herself and yet she possesses vulnerabilities which make sense. Her fears are not conflicting with her overall personality. Instead it enhances her and makes her more engaging and relate-able.

Beach is an okay character. He is more in a supporting role. Whilst he is a sexual dominant with a lot of power, he pales in comparison to Sarah. He is a good match for her since he is older and can understand Sarah's needs, dreams and fears.

This book does bounce back and forth between Sarah and Beach's point of view. Alternating views is not a favourite of mine but it works well here. It helps the reader understand how the characters think. It helps balance the story and show both sides for a more cohesive tale. The relationship between Sarah and Beach requires work and communication. It is not that they need to compromise; it is more they need to adjust to each other's life and make it something new. The way Ms. Mayburn writes it is so good.

The sex in the story is hot. There is no doubt Ms. Mayburn knows her way around sexual positions and panty moistening scenes. There is a bit of kink with restraints, rough body play and flogging. Kink is tastefully incorporated to enhance the sex scenes. There is a little something Beach wears which totally catches my interest. Sarah obviously feels the same as she drooled over it and played with it to her heart's content.

The conflicts in this story are mostly resolved. The setup of each conflict works well and none of them were contrived miscommunications. Instead, there are realistic relationship conflicts as well as work issues which impact both Sarah and Beach's personal life. The dangers of being in the less lawful sect of society can sometimes be a drag. The ending comes way too fast and the second part to this arc is to come out in a few months. After finishing this book, I immediately want to read the next one and read the first two. Highly recommended to erotica reader who like strong characters, good plot development and hawt sex.

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