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Grave New Day (Jess Vandermire, #3)Urban fantasy lovers who enjoy dark, gritty and fast paced stories @LinaGardiner #bookreview

Grave New Day by Lina Gardiner

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

With John dead, does Jess really want to continue on? After all these years, the one time she finds new meaning, it is ripped away from her. To make it worse, her brother is being questioned and perhaps taken from her. Her brother and John were there to watch her six and keep her fighting for the good side. Now, not only does she have no one to help her, she is fighting an old enemy. With all this change and attacks from different enemies, she is in deep trouble. She could use some divine intervention.

This story pulled me in even deeper and I am totally invested in the outcome. The writing is well done with the ups and downs. The conflicts and possible resolutions can be predicted as Ms. Gardiner sets them up well. It is the execution and how the reader arrives to the conclusion which is fun. Adding another layer to this world with new type of supernatural power piques a reader's interest. The harried feeling Jess experiences as her world spins out of control is vicariously experienced by the reader. This keeps me on edge as I am wondering what new thing will come out of left field to trip Jess up.

This book feels like we are at the beginning of a new arc. With interference from the church and possible celestial beings taking an interest in Jess and her squad of vampire killers, the storm must hit in the next book. This book is all about the buildup and major shake ups. I have my bets on how the pieces will fall. The ending supports my theory and I desperately want to know what happens next. I am mixed on how to recommend this series. Mixed because reading each book and waiting for the next one may cause a reader to go through withdrawal. Having the books all together allow a book addict to become severely hooked. The adrenal rush from this series is what brings me back to urban fantasy time and time again. I am grateful I just discovered this series as it seems this third book came out in 2010. The fourth book which is already in my greedy grabby hands came out a few months ago. This generates a bittersweet emotion for me because I am afraid I will be left hanging after the fourth book and yet I am excited I can dive right back into this mesmerizing world. Recommended for urban fantasy lovers who enjoy dark, gritty and fast paced stories.

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