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Initiative (Suncoast Society, #31)Kinky D&D, highschool reunions have never been so hawt! @TymberDalton  #bookreview
Initiative by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Readers may wonder if Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is really that prevalent in the Kink community or if Ms. Dalton is just making it up. I can verify D&D does exist for the kinky and it tends to take on a bit more of a deviant flavour. I personally have never played D&D. I just have friends both vanilla and kinky who play it. I think it is something that can be immensely fun which is why when I read about it in kinky books, it immediately puts me in a happy space. It is something I can easily understand since my friends who play tend to be very enthusiastic about it.

In INITIATIVE, a high school reunion brings Susie back together with cherished buddies Grant and Darryl. Growing up and losing touch may give them some regrets, but it works out for the best because it gave them time to figure out who they really are and what they want from life. To their surprise, they have come to a similar place in their sexuality. Sometimes, it is nice to see how a symbol can be a positive identifying code.

This tale generates happy thoughts because even though there are sad circumstances, it brings an atmosphere of upbeat nostalgia. Rediscovering old friends and finding out that the time apart disappears after meeting again is a wonderful feeling. For Susie who has been mourning her husband, this is the catalyst to wake her back up. This budding threesome is an enhanced and stronger version of their more innocent childhood friendship and it is so good to witness. Together, they can overcome any obstacles.

Ms. Dalton excels in her character driven stories with meaningful relationship and realistic conflicts. The ups and downs in this story are believable, painful to witness and heartwarming at times. What comes across is that relationships may be a hot tangled mess and "complicated" but it does not mean it cannot work. As long as the people in the relationship communicate and work together, it is all good.

The BDSM is a tying thread for the erotic part but not the focus of the book. It is a nice element to keep the book smexy and not overwhelm with kink. There are a few scenes in here where Susie takes control and it is awesome. Her initiative has little to do with being a dominant and kinky and everything to do with being assertive and protective. It is a nice demonstration of how a submissive woman does not equate to a doormat. This kinky book is recommended to erotic readers who adore love coming around a second time.

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