Review: A Little Sunshine

A Little Sunshine A Little Sunshine by Abbie Adams
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Crush on a best friend's older brother is a hot theme. Add in a bit of Daddy kink and it definitely catches my eye. Ms. Adams is a new author to me. As an ageplay lover, I picked up this book eager to read some spanking discipline for a naughty girl. There is spanking. There is a naughty girl, Sunny. The execution of this kinky theme is what fell apart for me.

Tiffany's brother Trent is an older brother who believes in spankings. When Sunny, Tiffany's best friend spies upon Trent spanking his girlfriend, Sunny is hooked. Years later, still pining away for Trent, Sunny is tricked to take a solo trip to Cancun. This is where the writing style doesn't work for me. For majority of the book, the story flips between reality and Sunny's dreams. This is jarring. The transition between dream world to real world is choppy. After the first couple of times, it becomes distracting and pulls a reader out of the book. To top it off, Sunny's fantasy are written in a way that makes a reader feel awkward rather than aroused. A way to help a reader switch back and forth would be to change the dream world font to italics.

From a character perspective, Sunny is annoying and not worth Trent's time. Very little about her is attractive. She is a brat. She is whiny and she makes poor choices. Her running inner dialogue shows a neurotic female with low self-esteem and pour impulse control. The only saving grace is when Trent enters the scene and straightens Sunny out. I feel bad for Trent. Sunny is a high maintenance female who will need daily maintenance spankings. Since I do not like the main character, it is difficult for me to enjoy this book.

The last part of the book when there is "real" erotic interaction between Trent and Sunny is where the book becomes smoother. The transitions between each scene and chapter flows. The erotic build up is nicely done. The BDSM in this story is light. The age-play is mild. It is more using the term "Daddy" than actual age-play dynamics. I say this because Sunny comes across as a juvenile already so her littles age does show any difference in behaviour.

If this book was edited to condense the early set up and lengthen Trent and Sunny's budding relationship, I think the book would have been better. A few more ageplay scenes would enhance the erotic heat.

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