Review: Mate: The Complete Serial

Mate: The Complete SerialMate: The Complete Serial by Violet Haze

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Bittersweet with a twist
Dark non-con sexual slavery stories always pique my interest. In Mate, Simone is a woman who goes through a couple of incredulous experiences. This book a serial and I am thankful I read it all in one sitting. If I had it serial by serial, I might not have finished it due to cliffhanging frustration. Simone's life is shattered when she is kidnapped and turned into a sex slave. She does not know what is going on, just that she must please her Master. When she is finally resigned to her life as a sex toy, she is tossed back into her real life. This is when it becomes clear what has happened.

Ms. Haze does a great job of setting up this story. It caught me a little off guard and I liked the early twist. From there on out, the story is predictable. There are little surprises which throws the reader off. Near the last part of the story, there is another twist which kind of makes a reader wonder what is up with Simone. Does she have a sign on her head which flashes in neon lights "Sex Slave for the taking"?

The BDSM in this tale is medium intensity. Whilst the concepts are dark, the actual bdsm scenes are light to moderate. There is a nice underlying sexual tensions dealing with erotic power exchange. The dungeon is an important one to note. I liked how Ms. Haze presents this one because in the "darkness" the dungeon seems stark and desolate. When the light is turned on so to speak, it makes this room much less intimidating. It is almost a nice safe place to enjoy one's erotic desires.

Simone and Isaac's relationship in this story is mixed for me. I liked both characters. They behaved in believable manners for the most part. Their interactions are a bit stilted for me due to the lack of communication. It is as if Isaac is not able to talk with a person normally. True, he is a reclusive man with a past. True he can be mysterious. What confounds me is that if he is portrayed as a type of uber dominant, why would he have such issues communication with a submissive? Perhaps it is designed in this manner to show how much Isaac is hung up on Simone. For me, it seemed a bit contrived with the miscommunication. The last item which bothered me a bit is Simone's response to Isaac. Granted Simone is young; her reaction and stubborn demand for three little words is beneath her. After everything she's been through and how she has pulled herself together, this one sticking point is disappointing and makes me think less of her.

Overall, this story is a good read. I can be easily read in a couple of hours. The kinky tale is recommended for those who enjoy a bit of bittersweet with their erotic romances.

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