Review: Melissa and the Medic

Melissa and the Medic
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Melissa and the Medic by Carole Archer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Domestic discipline lovers who enjoy medical kink, this story is for you. I am not sure why it took me so long to get to this book. I loved it. The medical play in this story is deliciously erotic. It is light compared to some of the darker ones I've read. It is sweet, a bit embarrassing and totally hot. Who doesn't like a doctor and nurse taking a "young girl" to task? Sign me up!

Melissa is a naughty girl. She parties and calls in sick when she really is not ill. When she is outed by her foolish posting on a social media, Dr. Ben and his wife Barbara take her to task. Honestly, if I had bosses like Dr. Ben and Barbara, I would be all for corporal punishment at work. It may make me work harder for the rewards and not be as stressed out when I make mistakes. Between the exam, enema, slight age play and medical kink, my panties are soaked.

Medical kink is not for everyone. For me, it works out really well and Ms. Archer gives just enough description to see and feel it. The feeling part is based upon Melissa and Barbara's view when they are taken to task. It gives a reader a vicarious high. When Jason Jennings is introduced to this play, it takes the heat up a notch. Melissa and Jason's budding relationship is darling. The two are too cute together and really adds to the sweetness of this story. Their kinky exploration may cause a few readers to pause and spend a little "me-time" before finishing off the book. This book definitely plays into my fantasies and it is well written.

Highly recommended to light kinky readers who have a taste for playing doctor and nurse.

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