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Muscling InMuscling In by Lily Harlem

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Reading just one little chapter became a late night as I devoured this story. Ms. Harlem is an author of renown. I see her name and I know she writes good books. I have friends who like her. She is prolific in the erotic genre. I read a couple of her books a few years ago and they were enjoyable if forgettable. MUSCLING IN caught my attention and I figured I would try her again. I am so glad I did.

Ms. Harlem's writing has definitely matured since I last read her books. I really enjoyed this book and will remember it. I will most likely go back and read this book again. What pulls me in are the characters. Edward, Sian and Coben are a tasty triad. The relationship between Edward and Coben is a blazing flame put out too soon. When Coben marries Sian, it appears Coben finds another love and is happy with life. Coben and Sian are a cute couple. They are people who feel real. They could easily be a friend in real life. The way they are created makes them relatable. Their love for each other even after the "honeymoon" phase is fun, kinky and hawt. Ms. Harlem does a nice job of showing just enough of their careers to tie this story all together. And this is what catches me and keeps me riveted.

Sian is a tattoo artist who happens to have Edward as a client. When she meets Edward again at a party with her husband Corben, their worlds collide. When reading this story, I keep hearing the worlds of Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. These three are meant to be. When they come together, it works out so well, even when there are a few ups and downs. It is nice to see the conflicts are not contrived misunderstandings or emotional temper tantrums. Instead, the conflicts are plausible relationship strains due to more than two in this tango.

In addition, Edward's job is high stress for those who love him. This is all portrayed in a beautiful manner, including the spicy sex scenes which I savoured. As a strong supporter of military personnel, this story hits all the right notes and makes my heart sing in happiness.

I enjoyed this story and recommended it to ménage lovers who want a glimpse into how good a threesome can be. And if you enjoy mmf erotic loving, this book is for you.

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