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Soul Rest (Knights of the Board Room, #7)Recommended to bdsm lovers who enjoy love conquers all themes @JoeyWHill #bookreview
Soul Rest by Joey W. Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

YAY for Christmas Gifts! I received this book for Christmas and I scarfed it down like a famine survivor at an all you can eat buffet. This book is so good. I loved it from beginning to end. The cameos from Ms. Hill's other series is a surprise treat.

Celeste survives a tough childhood. She could have turned out like her greedy mother. Instead, she worked hard to be an investigative reporter. She walks the talk. I respect Celeste and find her to be an admirable character. Whilst I do not have her life experiences, the way Ms. Hill gently lays it out, it gives me insight into how it can be for others. Celeste possesses several hang ups which she fully acknowledges. She does the best. She is currently in a good place in her life with a job she loves. The control she has in her life is precious. This is sorely tested when she finally crosses paths with Sergeant Leland Keller.

Sergeant Leland Keller is a man who embodies what law enforcement officers should be. He is that hero who works every day to help make life safer. He is committed to bringing justice and he also walks the talk. He is also a devastatingly handsome sexual dominant. Ms. Hill does create some of the sexist dominants around. I fall in love with them and Leland is no exception. He is exceptional with his patience.

The relationship between Leland and Celeste is so good because it shows how people who feel they are unworthy and damaged are still lovable. The similarities between the two's past helps bring them together even when the contrasts make them worlds apart. It is good to see how choices people make can impact a person's life. Leland's parents chose different than Celeste. And still both turns out based on their own choices.

My favourite scene which touched me in this story is the following:

Celeste glanced up at him. He’d put the bottle down behind her, had his hand clasped on it. His eyes hadn’t left the dance floor, but his expression said that wasn’t what he was seeing at all.

“When she smoothed my shirt and stepped back, I said, ‘Mama, why do you always look at me like I’m dressed in a fancy suit?’ She said, ‘Because I see your soul, Leland Keller. Your soul is as a spick-and-span and sharp as a man in his church suit. That's what’s important in life. Make sure your soul is dressed right, always in its church clothes. That's the only thing that matters to God.’” -- (pg. 138)

Ms. Hill's writing style always provides a gem of how to live life. I love her perspective. This story is a wonderful testimony to how one can achieve their dreams.

The sex in this story is hawt. The BDSM is seductive, smooth and makes me weak in the knees. Leland is the type of dream dominant who appeals to me. Between his actions and words, there is no reason I would brat out with him. Now, Celeste does not exactly brat out. Ms. Hill shows how triggers cause Celeste to lash out. This is well done. Sometimes the scenes do not go as expected. The way it is shown here is nicely done. I also want to point out safeword dilemma. Celeste's inability to use a safeword in the way it is meant to be used is pretty accurate. The way Leland handles it and helps Celeste is a good example of how to help a submissive become both more comfortable and responsible with it.

This book is a delight to read. Returning to the Knights of the Board room is a lovely treat. Highly recommended to bdsm lovers who enjoy love conquers all themes.

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Tracy Nickels said…
I got the book last year, It's in my ever over flowing book case. I loved the way he would not let her run from the demons that plagued her.Showing her he can help her fight em. The last chapter when she wanted to be in his lap recovering in the hospital. The nightmare of what happened would not haunt her. I cried at that part, beautiful!
Tracy, I felt the same! I liked how she kept trying to push him away and she wouldn't let him.

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