Review: Stepbrother's Rules

Stepbrother's Rules
for kinky readers who like a Daddy to discipline them with a loving spanking hand  @ReneeRoseAuthor #bookreview 

Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Delightful, sweet and sexy all describe this delicious ageplay story. This is probably my favourite book by Ms. Rose. The story is very smooth set in the historical 1950's era. LuAnn is a naughty girl who wants to be "cool". Jeopardizing her associate degree for a boy in her dormitory is rather shortsighted. When she is kicked out of the dorms, her step-brother, Brad, takes her in. This begins a seductive illicit affair.

The characters in this story are wholesome and sweet. LuAnn is a bit naïve and sometimes a bit bratty. There are a couple of scenes where her juvenile behaviour totally warrants spankings and more. The dynamic between Brad and LuAnn is good. I enjoyed Brad's slow education of LuAnn into ageplay. They never come right out to say it is ageplay or kinky shenanigans. Instead it is a plausible couple's dynamic because of the decade Ms. Rose sets this story in.

The kinky scenes are tastefully done. The bath scene is too cute and pleasurably arousing. The Daddy role Brad takes on is panty wetting goodness. This concept of an older stepbrother is something women do fantasize about. I love these kind of stories and it is not to say I wish my parents were divorced so that I could have an older sexy stepbrother like this…but the fantasy of it is appealing. I thoroughly enjoy this tale from beginning to end. The conflicts are nicely done and the erotic parts are stimulating. Recommended for kinky readers who like a Daddy to discipline them with a loving spanking hand.

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