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Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark, #16)Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

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For a reader returning to the IAD world after a hiatus, Sweet Ruin is a good one to start back up. This series can be read a bit out of order only after the first few books have been read. Starting on Sweet Ruin is possible as a standalone, but it may confuse some readers. It is recommended to read this series in order to enjoy the full impact and understand how the characters relate to each other. Specifically to understand crazy Nix.

As the saying goes, every story has two sides. In this tale, the Møriør, a group all the supernaturals fear, make an impressive entrance with Rune. Rune is a millenniums old warrior who uses his Lothario skills to gather information. His life is more or less meaningless because he has nothing which interests him. When he is sent on a job to remove the Nix from Earth, things spin out of control. He meets a female he never thought he would find, his soulmate.

Josephine is a wild child on the streets. She cannot remember her past. She only knows to keep her baby brother Thaddeus safe from others. Wandering the streets is not safe for a ten year old with a two year old child. When she is almost taken in by a loving family, tragedy strikes. Left alone to wander, she grows up to defend the weak and tries to learn about others who are also freaks like her. In her middle twenties, she finally finds more supernaturals when she drifts into New Orleans.

The characters in this story are well created. It is hard to decide whose past is worse, Josephine's or Rune's. Both have been dealt a raw deal and yet they somehow managed to turn out okay. Neither are victims. Both are rough around the edges and it is clear their past have made them who they are today - strong warriors who are stubborn. The romance between the two is amusing. I personally did not feel the chemistry between the two. I think it is because of Rune's inability for intimacy. I am not blaming him, just that his character is designed with intimacy issues and this translates into meh sex for me. Rune and Josephine do not come across as lovers. They are more as best friends who constantly fight with each other. The constant friction became quite tiresome. Specifically their interpretation of what sex means. This is a common theme where men view sex as physical and females are supposed to view sex as a treasured exchange. Since I'm a female who views sex as a physical exercise, the conflict in this story felt too contrived.

What I did enjoy is learning more about this world. Ms. Cole does a great job of adding detail to this complex world with each book. Although it does feel as though the books are dragging. It is taking forever to reach this major all out war. With the Møriør in play, it may be even longer before the end arrives. I am okay with this because it is a pleasure to meet each of the characters in this hidden world. Learning about all the different factions and how they see the world is also fascinating. Ms. Cole does a good job of showing how lines blur and what many believe to be fact may only be an interpretation. After reading this book, I am enamoured of this series again and want to read the next one. The next one cannot come soon enough. This paranormal romance is recommended for romance lovers who enjoy love conquers all themes.

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