Review: Wicked Wild Fantasies

Wicked Wild FantasiesWicked Wild Fantasies by Shiloh Walker

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Ugly duckling erotica are a favourite theme of mine. No one does it better than Ms. Walker. In Wicked Wild Fantasies, Alison Ryan is the proverbial wallflower who is beyond timid. Her forehead is stamped with doormat. It is difficult to like Alison at the beginning for readers who are aggressive like me. It is not that I look down upon Alison. It is more I don't understand her mentality and I want to shake her a bit so that she can at least take a stand for herself. No one can fix her. She needs to make the decision for herself.

Fortunately, the first change agent is a mugging which nearly costs her, her life. This is happens early on in the book. The second one is a shocking surprise and is the much needed kick in the pants for Alison to make a change. Ms. Walker sets up this story so well. I loved how Alison is shocked awake to how she's living her life. She decides to take control of her life and boy does she do it. It is more than just a physical make over. The before and after Ali are night and day. Yet, the new Ali retains the sweetness and kindness from the old Ali. What is brought into the forefront is the glow and self-confidence which was previously close to extinguished. From a character building perspective, Ms. Walker nails it.

Erotically, this story is hawt. I enjoyed the rape fantasy and how Alison finds her sexual freedom. Her coming of sexual age is delightful because it catches the eye of her crush, Alex O'Malley. Self-assured Alex becomes befuddled Alex as he tries to keep up with Ali's new look and confidence. The chemistry between the two is blazing and when Alex is burned, he only has himself to blame. Whilst the relationship is predictable, it is still romance and sexy. This erotic romance is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy friends to lover themes.

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