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Catching Dragos Catching Dragos by Gail Koger
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Vigilante, thy name is Mariah Smith. Mariah is part of a large magical clan on her mother's side. After justice did not happen for her father, Mariah uses her magical talents to seek vengeance. Now this is her regular gig as she finds those who abuse others and gets away with it. Whilst Mariah likes to go by the moniker Judge, it should be more accurate to call her JE for judge, jury and executioner. This is the second book to this series. It can be read as a standalone.

For those who loved Gail Koger's Coletti Warlords series, pick this series up. The characters are designed exactly the same in attitude and stubbornness. The males are arrogant and high-handed. The females are a bit klutzy, stubborn and soft-hearted. Mariah is almost exactly like Kaylee Jones in Just My Luck. Other than their different "powers", Mariah tries to avoid being claimed as a mate and she adopts a ferocious little demon. Xeno the cute, fluffy, puppy-looking demon is much more physically appealing than giant golden tarantula aliens. Xeno does talk, just like the baby spiders-like aliens who also lost their mommy. I did like Xeno and want one of my own. Then again, demon familiars are probably not a good thing for muggles like me.

This story's pace felt frenetic as Mariah is constantly on the run. Either she's dodging mortal enemy clan enforcer Fabian or she's trying not to get killed by demons. Mariah barely survives each encounter and it is all due to luck. Her inner dialogue throughout the entire story is hilarious. The battles with each of the demons is an irreverent comedy. Mariah never fully grasps the direness of her situation. She says she does but she does not behave in a manner which supports what she says. This juxtaposition is what makes the story so funny. Mariah is definitely the comedy relief.

The plot to this story is a bit muddled and perhaps lost between all the skirmishes. This is a quaint tale of a not quite virgin slaying dragons whilst trying to avoid her prince charming. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy droll stories with entertaining lead characters.

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