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Code Monkey for ménage lovers who enjoy military men and smart women coming together @TymberDalton #bookreview
Code Monkey by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Code little monkey, code your tired fingers away! This is a 3.5 star enjoyable read.

Shasta Myers takes center stage as she is one of seven keeping the Houston roadways from shutting down. Seriously, people man these things? I guess I never thought about it. Shasta and her team are pissed off as two of the seven have gone MIA. Her good for nothing brother is also MIA. Coincidentally, they are all war veterans. Shasta and her parents are about to hold the last intervention with her drug addict brother when he returns home, clean shaven, clear eyed and flush with cash. Apparently he finally is ready to clean up his act.

I enjoyed this story more than the previous two because the events in this story are at a good pace and the plot is definitely moving forward. Juju and Delta are a forgettable pair. I did not even recognize their names as they matched up with Shasta as their third. Since the story is less about sex and more on finding a cure or vaccination against Kite virus, I am happily sucking this book down.

There are three different plots going on at the same time and all three make great strides forward. Finding more scientists is the smaller of the three and feels just a little bit rushed. Still, it is good as the two new additions help the current group with another breakthrough. The second more prevalent one is the undoing of the egomaniac Rev. Silo. With three different groups actively working to bring Silo down, it is a guess to see who nails him first. My money is on his bitter estranged wife, Mary. This is the plot which makes me giggle like a maniac. The unraveling of Silo is extremely satisfying. The third one is Shasta figuring out what is going on with her brother and how it brings her to the Drunk Monkeys. This is the one which is fun to read as Shasta pulls out a few V for Vendetta moves with half-baked plans. Still, it nets her a couple of hunks who are ready to love her up.

The erotic element in this story is less than the previous ones. The ménage is still delicious. I keep hoping one of these pairs is going to net us a mmf formation instead of the constant mfm. Regardless, the few sex scenes are hawt and sweet. The chemistry between Juju, Delta and Shasta works and it seems as if this pair is trying hard to get to know Shasta first. This erotic suspense is recommended for ménage lovers who enjoy military men and smart women coming together.

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