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Degrees of Control lovely erotic novel for kinky readers who love romance and role-playing @Eve_Dangerfield #bookreview #hawt
Degrees of Control by Eve Dangerfield
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The Romance Review

Who is this author and why have I not read her books before? DEGREES OF CONTROL is a light BDSM romance with character development and a fabulous romance. The kinky parts are quite hawt. Charlie Bell is a transplant to the States from Down Under. She is not a flower child per se, but she is carefree and vegan. When the reason for her adventures in the States come to a heartbreaking halt, she gets drunk with her girlfriends and shares her sexual fantasies. Lucky for Charlie, she has good friends. One hawt kinky no strings attached man meat coming up! Sophia is a good friend who can bring forth thirty plus eligible men at the drop of a hat. She reluctantly also includes her slutty cousin, James Hunter. Former model now businessman, James goes through women like fast food. He likes them cheap and easy.

This story is character driven and I loved the characters. Charlie is a fabulous sweetheart. She does what she loves and she is blessed with good friends and a loving family. She just needs a little bit of help in her sex life. Charlie is cute because she looks young and innocent. She is a bit bohemian, and her sexual desires is more in line with a ferocious tiger. She enjoys rough body play, spankings, a bit of humiliation and role playing. Her rebound sex with James delivers all of this and more.

James is a player who comes across as shallow. As he gets to know Charlie, the reader sees a different side to James. What I really enjoyed is how the two of them communicated. Even when James was an idiot, Charlie did not respond in kind. She is direct and gracious with her views. This type of communication is rare and usually associated with self-actualized people who are comfortable in their own skin. This is what makes Charlie so adorable. James' fumbling confusion is annoying yet endearing when his past is revealed.

The sex in this story is hawt. The role playing is smoking and well described. Each sexual scene between these two are arousing. What I like is that Ms. Dangerfield didn't push this as a BDSM story or a BDSM 101. Instead, she incorporates the sexual desires as part of the character in a natural manner. These fetishes are not taken too seriously nor are they completely disregarded. This simple acceptance is so good to see. The erotic power exchange between James and Charlie is fluid and effortless. There are no big struggles or fights to see who is the top and who is the brat. Instead, these are two consenting adults enjoying the mutual pleasures they share. Beautiful.

The writing style and pace to this story are all well done. There are natural ebbs and flows between the two characters. There is enough time between the spectacular sex. What is really nice is how Ms. Dangerfield demonstrates how a physical relationship brings forth an intimacy which brings the two characters closer. The descriptions of the locations are good. I could visualize the shanty town where Charlie lived compared to her friends' mansions and James' luxurious home. This is a lovely erotic novel recommended for kinky readers who love romance and role-playing.

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