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The Don's Daughter
for readers who enjoy a white knight with a sexy accent and a strong spanking hand @ReneeRoseAuthor #bookreview #

The Don's Daughter by Renee Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Spankos, this is the book for you. Sheltered mafia princess, Summer, is in a downward spiral. With the collapse of her dancing dreams and her boyfriend caught cheating on her, Summer's self-confidence is at an all-time low. What does she do? She does what any female would do in this situation … she moonlights as a striper. She thrives on the dancing and objectification. What on Earth? Does Daddy Don know? Yes, this is what I said too when I learned why she did it. This is a nice set up for a wayward girl in need of a keeper and spankings.

Carlo is a favoured underboss to Summer's father. When Carlo finds Summer stripping in a sleazy club, he immediately puts an end to it. Based on Summer's reaction, it seems she is kind of relieved too. This lost little girl routine is no act. With Carlo's discipline hands, Summer quickly learns the errs of her ways.

Carlo is a perfect romantic hero. He is strong, dangerous and with a secretive past. He doles out his sexual punishments with a firm hand and a velvet touch. How can Summer not fall for this sexy Lothario? Between his accent and his honour, any woman would want him. Added in his power and charism, Carlo seems to have it all. He is even reasonable and not a stereotypical Italian chauvinistic pig. And yet, Summer still pines for her ex's attention and behaves in a juvenile manner. Whilst Carlo is the epitome of perfection, Summer is a hot mess. She does come across as a bit of a spoiled brat and not too bright. Some of it has to do with having her parents take care of everything for her. Some of it has to do with her lack in age. She isn't malicious; she just isn't bright. She needs a man to keep her on the right path.

The spanking punishments in this tale are erotic and delightful. This story is more than just a kinky slightly domestic discipline tale. There is a nice plot with betrayal, old world honour and a happily ever after. Ms. Renee captures the reader's attention with her smooth writing voice. The story flows at the right pace with lingering sexy scenes and fast action shootouts. This is a nice blend of sex and suspense. This kink romance is recommended for readers who enjoy a white knight with a sexy accent and a strong spanking hand.

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