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Drive Thought-provoking, moving and bloody heart breaking  #bookreview @TeresNoeRoberts
Drive by Teresa Noelle Roberts
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Thought-provoking, moving and bloody heart breaking - Ms. Roberts twists me all up inside again.  Drive is the first book in this series. I am very excited because the first in this series captures my attention and keeps me flipping page after page to a stunning conclusion. When I see books with her name on it, I must read the book. The characters, plot and the delicious sex all did it for me. I loved this book.

Suzanne Mayhew is a bitter widow. The last few years of her marriage have been filled with neglect. The man she fell in love with spent less and less time with her. Late nights and secretive behaviour all point to an affair. Disillusioned, Suzanne started filing for a divorce only to have her husband die on her. Yet another way how he shows his inconsideration. Suzanne is also angry because she feels guilty for not feeling sad and that only frustrates her more. One should not speak ill of the dead but why is it that when someone is dead, it is as if all their faults are magically erased? Trying to get back into the swing of things, Suzanne's BFF, Janice, lures her out. Janice's solution is for Suzanne to re-explore her kinky side. Suzanne is tentative about this suggestion. Instead, she thinks getting rid of her late husband's very obvious mistresses is a better idea. She is going to sell his blasted cars he babied and didn't share with her.

The sexy restored mustang is the first on Suzanne's hit list. It captures the attention of Boston PD, Neil Callahan. Ooh boy, cop boy toy who is a dominant. Yum! Neil is younger than Suzanne by fifteen years. He comes across as mature and sexy. The story alternates between the Suzanne and Neil. Both characters are so realistic. I could easily visualize them. They felt real with their feelings and actions. Ms. Roberts excels at creating characters who come alive. Suzanne's conflicted feelings about her late husband as more information is revealed is so well done. It turns a bitter angry woman into a sad and remorseful widow. This is so delicately done that I am left speechless and hurting in sympathy for Suzanne. There is one scene with a note left on a phone for Suzanne which makes me tear up. Whilst this may help Suzanne understand and possibly move on, it does not bode well for Neil. This relationship conflict is complicated.

The suspense part of this book adds an intensity to the book. It keeps the pace moving and exciting. The blending of the suspense, romance and kink is so good. The weaving in and out between the different threads makes a strong story with a beautiful finish at the end. The suspense is detailed just enough to keep mystery/thriller lovers happy and romance lovers from glazing over it. What is impressive is the kinky scenes. These are masterfully done to offset the somber tone. This book isn't focused on the kink. Kink is a natural part to help bring this book to an arousing erotic level. Ms. Roberts is one of the few authors I can easily name as a writer who does not use BDSM as a plot device. Her BDSM is as natural as breathing. This is what I love about her writing. She makes kink come across as just another facet of a character's personality. It is not an add on or something that has to be kept as a dark secret.

Showing Suzanne's sub drop and her sub space is well done. It captures how it can happen in real life. Exposing Neil's anxiety over causing Suzanne harm is a nice touch. Most authors do not show how the dominant feels when a scene ends in a sobbing mess. As Neil states, there are cathartic releasing weeping and then there are heart breaking sobs. When it is the latter, any worthwhile dominant or top is going to be concerned and respond in a similar manner. I like how the BDSM in this story isn't perfect or through a rosy coloured view. This is not to say the BDSM scenes are all ones gone wrong. Some of them are an erotic feast. Ms. Roberts shows the highs and lows which adds another layer of realism to this story.

I loved this book from beginning to end. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I know it will be a treat. Highly recommended to kinky readers who are looking for an intimate maledom erotica without fancy gear or exclusive clubs.

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Thank you for this fabulous review! As someone in a long-term D/s relationship, I try to make my BDSM and D/s realistic as well as sexy and it's good to see that someone else "in the know" says I'm doing it right. I'm going to be quoting this review all over the place.
^_^ Squee! Thank you for dropping by. Feel free to quote away. :)

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