Review: Knight's Nemesis

Knight's Nemesis Knight's Nemesis by Misty Kayn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a very different type of book both in world building and writing style. For those who enjoy straightforward easy to understand books, this is NOT the book for you. Ms. Kayn purposely uses a lyrical style of writing which is unique and different than most books I have read. It is so alien at times, it is hard to understand exactly what is going on. I have to admit, I read this book twice before it made sense to me. When it did, my mind was a bit blown. I still can't claim to understand everything that happened, especially at the end.

This story is hard to explain as it has to be experiences. There is a quest, magic and a heroine. The hero is iffy because as The Wolf, he is supposed to be this amazing hero. I didn't like him. I felt he kept too much hidden and I specifically felt bad for Clementine. Her life which she wants to keep simple is complicated by circumstances outside of her control. This quest she is not interested in taken is forced upon her. The sacrifice she must make to save an entire world is hefty. Whilst she may be altruistic, she has no desire to be a martyr.

The symbolism in this story is captivating. Nothing is as it seems. The world building is intriguing because it is almost as if I had to learn a new language. Nothing is familiar so it forces my mind to think in ways I am not used to. This tale takes me longer to read because it requires me to understand foreign concepts and translate them into something I can understand. I like when my brain is forced to work. This is not a fluffy light piece as a quick read. This story did take me several days to read pieces, digest it and then continue on. It is worth it. Recommended to readers who want to experience a new world where magic is everywhere.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review


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