Review: Make Me Whole

Make Me Whole Make Me Whole by R.C. Matthews
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

When a man no longer feels desirable, he can either shut out his wife or invite a lover to act as his substitute. Wait, what just happened here? Ms. Matthews is a new to me author who requested this review. I admit I had a few reservations because this story can totally go sideways. I am no stranger to cuckold fantasies. However, this book clearly advertises as an erotic romance in a contemporary setting. Usually these two do not go well together because there is an element of humiliation which makes the reader uncomfortable. Jake Hanson is a man whose life took a dark turn. Through an accident, he lost the use of his legs. His identity as a good husband is tied to being an awesome lover. To be an awesome lover, he believes it equates to spontaneity and different sexual positions. Now, sex needs to be carefully planned which is a boner killer. Still, Jessica loves Jake and does not see him as a bad husband or lover.

Jake's idea is to have his best friend, Chad stand in for him and screw his wife silly. Let me count how many ways this can go wrong. With as grave reservations as Jessica, I plow forward with this story. Ms. Matthews does a good job of showing the flaws and how communication is key. This threesome is well written and demonstrates the pitfalls. What I really liked about this story is how this couple really becomes a threesome relationship. Chad loves Jake in a non-sexual way. He is the one who can kick Jake out of his funk. The solutions Chad comes up with to drag Jake out of his pity party are impressive. The tough love is applied like a hammer in a velvet glove. This is what really made the story so good for me.

The sex in this story is hot. It is a mfm ménage and I am okay with this. Usually I prefer mmf but this way is actually better. The creative ways to have sex in this story with a bit of kink is impressive. There are no fancy expensive equipment. Instead, every day household furniture is used to help Jake get his moxy and grove back on. This is heartwarming and uplifting. This is a story of hope and a fresh start. The sex, characters and plot all worked well for me. Recommended to ménage readers who love happily ever afters.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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