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Masters for Hire Masters for Hire by Ginger Voight
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A sexy male dominant for hire is a fantasy come true. New to me author Ms. Voight pens an erotic tale of an escort turned lover. Coralie Cabot is a woman who has a good job. She is quite accomplished and things are going well except in her personal life. She is a bit on the "heavy" side as her father keeps telling her and her boyfriend is as interesting as paint drying on the walls. Being the good girl is getting Coralie nowhere. Wanting to kick start her life into a new phase, she lets her friend convince her to hire Devlin Masters. Devlin is an escort with a high price. He is smooth, suave and sexy. Whilst his price does not include sex, for a bonus, he will produce a boner. How raunchy, no?

The concept of this story is great and the execution is so good. This Sadie Hawkin's Pretty Woman plot works well because Devlin is no cheap hooker. The reasons why he is an escort is complicated. His back story tugs on the heart. Both Devlin and Coralie are well developed characters. They are realistic and easy to like. Their relationship is difficult not because they want it to be. It is because it mixes business and pleasure in a way that is not easy to separate. Ms. Voight does a nice job of showing this from the male's perspective whilst still keeping him dominant.

To be clear, this book is not kinky. It is an alpha male in a position that can be viewed as a lesser power. Instead, Devlin works it and the power balance nicely flows back and forth between the two characters. What I really liked is showing how Coralie's good intentions do not come across the way she intends. Because sometimes, people think money is the answer to fix all problems. It is not, but it definitely can help.

Coralie's character is well done. I like how she is self-confident with her abilities. Her slight image issue is more her father's asshat views than her having issues with her body. She knows what would look good on her and she fully recognizes there are different body shapes and sizes. I applauded when she stands up to her father's elitist attitude and tells him to stuff it. The characters in this book are what makes it so enjoyable. Recommended to romance readers who enjoy happily ever afters.

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